Why A Grand Piano Will Perform Better Than A Digital Piano

As your church or rehearsal spaces consider the need to change or upgrade your current piano, should you analyze the differences between a digital piano and a grand piano in Florida to decide which is best for you? Finding out where to receive professional advice will be the best first step you can take.

Which Is First; Your Budget or Keys Choice

Before forming a small committee to decide where you are going to ask for professional advice to make your piano decisions, you will have to know the size of your budget and perhaps begin a fundraising exercise to provide you with options.

A full-size grand piano in Florida will cost more than most digital pianos, but this is misleading. Professional experts will have access to a variety of previously owned grand pianos which may only need a polish and tuning.

Your grand piano in Florida will arrive with the requisite 88 keys.

Conversely, a 49-key digital piano will cost far less than a 61-key model, but it may be sufficient for your needs. When your church pianist can complete all their repertoire within 49 keys, you may not need to extend your budget to include a full 61 key model. To extend to an 88-key digital piano may push your budget beyond its limit.

The difference in sound between a digital and a grand piano can be heard by a trained ear, but most individuals will not notice the variance. Nevertheless, a grand piano will provide a fuller sound within a church space but will limit you to the type and number of sounds available.

A digital piano may provide you with the option of other sounds, such as pipe organ, strings, and harpsichord.

The significant choice is to take the best advice and to listen to a wide range of grand and digital pianos within the range of your budget.

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