Bleeding Gums and Your Dentist in Highland Park

Bleeding gums denote that there is an inflammation of the gums, otherwise known as gingivitis. This means that you need an urgent visit to a Dentist in Highland Park, in order to find out the cause and get treatment. Inaction in this situation leads to the progression of the disease and its transition into a more severe form -; periodontitis. If you are experiencing bleeding gums, of any form, contact your dentist today.

When periodontitis sets in, tooth mobility can become a problem. There are cases when patients aged 35 to 50 years old spontaneously suffers tooth loss. And worse off, it all starts with this seemingly harmless phenomenon of bleeding gums. This is why regular visits to the dentist and proper oral hygiene is a must.

Periodontitis, periodontal disease and gingivitis are treatable. In most cases, with proper treatment, the painful process be stopped. It all begin with professional oral hygiene. The dentist removes supra-gingival and sub-gingival plaque and then cleans and polishes the oral neck and exposed parts of the roots of the teeth. Afterwards, he or she will teach the patient the proper and thorough acts of dental care.

Next, the dentist may conduct general and local anti-inflammatory treatment with different antimicrobial drugs. They may also prescribe bracing and other means of helping the issue. These can range from vitamins, extracts of various herbs, and so on. Another very important treatment is splinting teeth, which is when your Dentist in Highland Park binds teeth into a single unit. For this purpose, special fiberglass tape is used to hold teeth together. This strengthens and helps functioning, especially during chewing.

It is important that the patient fulfill all the requirements and adhere to the dentist’s advice on oral hygiene. This includes using the drugs prescribed to them correctly. Only under these conditions will the results of the treatment be successful. The cost of treatment is individual, meaning one patient may need therapeutic toothpaste and medicated rinse, while another may need serious intervention.

In each of the network of dentists in Highland Park, you will find qualified dentists to help you with your issues. However, the task is up to you to contact the dental office for help. Do not ignore the moment when gums start to bleed, because if you do ignore it, you can soon be without your teeth. For more information, contact North Suburban Dental of Highland Park today.

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