Best Women Magazines

Magazines are known to be a woman’s best friend, helping her not only kill time at the beauty spa, but advising her about things such as being a better housekeeper, or how to handle a new-born. As an immemorial custom, magazines have provided comfort for women when their relationships are rocky, have enlightened them about the latest fashion trends, taught them about housekeeping, cooking and what to look for in a career.

There are thousands of magazines in the market that have been giving advice to women for years. So, let’s take a look at some of the best women magazines out there:

Good Housekeeping
This is a magazine that is primarily about being a good housekeeper. However, there are plenty of articles and tips focused on women’s health and fitness as well.

Then we have …

Woman’s Day
This is a magazine that is all about women, including stories, articles and advice on family, career, money and relationships.

And it’s all in the …

Ladies Home Journal
This magazine features smart coverage on a variety of social issues and includes various articles on fashion trends and beauty tips.
Let’s not forget…

Women’s Health
This is a magazine that focuses on exactly what it says: women’s health. It will have various tips, articles and stories based on women’s health, fitness, weight loss programs, dieting tips, as well as relationship and sex advice.

Oh yes! Then we have…

Vanity Fair
A magazine that thoroughly covers issues which include politics, society and fashion.

After all of those, how about we focus on…

Cooking Light
This is a health and fitness magazine that offers advice and tips on healthy food, how to have the perfect home and even gardening tips.

And then, we have the intoxicating…

A magazine that enlightens women with statistics based on beauty and health, offering various forms of advice, news, stories and tips.

So, what we need to understand about life is its …

This is a magazine that addresses issues on culture, society and politics. It’s the perfect magazine for women who want to know what’s going on in the world.

But not all magazines are about fashion trends and beauty tips, such as…

Working Mother Magazine
This is a magazine that is perfect for the working mother; it’s packed with tips, advice and stories guiding women about parenthood, their careers, housekeeping, health and fitness and it includes inspirational interviews from many working women who have overcome adversity.

So there you have it. A list of the best women magazines you should have in your collection. If you haven’t picked one yet, then what are you waiting for?

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Best Women Magazines

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