Benefits of Using a Designjet Plotter for Your Business

Plotters have long been critical tools in industries such as architecture and engineering. Early plotters made use of ink pens and required the user to move the pens around to create drawings. However, with advances in technology, HP now manufactures the Designjet plotter that completes the process without any manual input.

The HP Designjet plotter allows users to create architectural or engineering line drawings with the use of a computer, which can provide you with more accurate measurements, straighter lines and a higher-quality line drawing. The printer plotter also prints out drawings with a high level of accuracy and clarity, giving builders the best drawing from which to work.

If you purchase a Designjet plotter to use for your company, you have a variety of models to increase the possibility of finding one you like. Some of the plotters are suitable for line drawings only. However, others are capable of printing both line drawings and color graphics. This offers businesses a wider range of printing projects if desired. Another option to consider is the size of the projects you aim to produce. Many of the plotters come in both 24-inch and 44-inch widths to best meet the needs of your company. Some even come in 42-inch widths.

A Designjet plotter can help your business to grow and succeed. These printers are capable of producing drawings at a high speed without compromising their quality. For instance, some of the plotters can print line drawings at a rate of 39 seconds per page. If your drawing includes coloring, the printing will be slower, but still faster than typical printers used in the home or some offices.

Another advantage of using a Designjet plotter printer over the traditional plotter methods is the range of colors. Architects, engineers, and graphic designers used to be limited to only a few ink colors for plotter pens, and they couldn’t mix colors. However, a modern plotter printer contains multiple ink cartridges, much like typical printers. This allows you to create drawings and graphics in any color or combination of colors.

As you consider the Designjet plotter that is best for your business, you need to evaluate the features for each model. Some models are capable of printing on more materials than just paper, such as fabrics and vinyl. Other potential features include roller feeds, resolution rates and memory sizes. The projects your company handles will dictate which features are necessities and which ones are not.

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