Benefits of a New Garage Door

by | Sep 19, 2013 | General

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Generally new home builders try to cut cost on materials, which usually means that they will not put a garage door on a new build. If you find yourself with a new home that does not have a garage door here are a few benefits to installing one.

Increase Home Value
Due to the increased longevity and durability of a new garage door ,they can boost the value of your existing home. The door also adds a sense of security to the home which is usually a great selling point for prospective buyers. Garage doors also make a home more energy efficient and have the added benefit of adding curb appeal to your home. So if you find yourself thinking about selling your home, a garage door would be an excellent investment that will pay off immediately upon installation.

Energy Efficiency
As previously mentioned, garage door help you home be more energy efficient. Typically older garage doors were not insulated very well which allowed air from your home to escape causing your heating/cooling unit to work harder. New garage doors are very well insulated and actually aid in keeping your house comfortable. These doors can actually help reduce electric cost which will pay for the doors in no time. There is an added benefit if you have a room above the garage because it will also take less electricity to heat and cool the room.

By adding a new garage door to your home you actually improve the overall security. Usually the new door will come with a security keypad which will keep would be intruders out of the home. New garage doors are made of a very durable material that is very hard to break. The door acts a major deterrent to burglars because of the time and force it would take to gain entry through the garage door.

If you are looking for a Garage door in MN, be sure to check with a reputable dealer. Most dealers will have a service department that can help you in installing your new door if you do not want to install it on your own.

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