Bail Bonds Are Not A Get-Out-Of-Jail Free Card

by | Jan 18, 2020 | Bail Bonds

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Most people never worry about having to post bail in Bartow County GA. Most are honest, hard-working citizens and don’t think that they might ever have to deal with the criminal legal system. However, misunderstandings happen every day, and sometimes evidence in a criminal investigation points to the wrong person, and that innocent person is arrested.

Whenever an arrest is made the detainee is put in a holding cell. The idea is that the person will get a fair and speedy trial, but the court system is not perfect and the chance to prove your innocence at trial may not come for several weeks or longer. What the courts have allowed in the interim is the plea session, a quick procedure where the defendant usually pleads innocent (barring a traffic court case, which is the opposite.) The judge then weighs the particulars of the case, evaluates flight risk and the potential danger of the defendant to society, and assigns a bail.

The important point to remember is that the bail is not a get out of jail free card. This is a privilege granted by society to the defendant, and must be earned by a degree of trust and a significant monetary incentive. Career criminals who hope to beat the system will receive such a high bail amount that they cannot possibly hope to secure it. Even first-time offenders can find it difficult to make bail in Bartow County GA. This is where the bail bondsman comes in.

The best bail bonds in Bartow County GA works like a stand-in: they are not holding you but they are holding your money. You will get it all back when you comply with your court dates. However, a bail bondsman can make your bail for you for a fee that you give to him, usually a percentage of the bail. He will also sometimes ask for some collateral in the form of property or some other surety. The difference between the money you would give to the court for bail and the much smaller fee you would pay to the bail bondsman is that the bondsman fee is not refundable. Part of the service of that fee is that the bail bondsman can expedite your release. He will have a relationship with the court, and can run the gauntlet of paperwork necessary to getting you out in as little as several hours. However, you should be aware that the bail bondsman knows he is in a high risk financial company and that he takes your compliance very seriously. He is highly motivated to get you to your court date and will have lots of strategies to make that happen so that he doesn’t lose his stake, up to and including bounty hunters.

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