Arrested for Drunk Driving? Hire a DWI Lawyer in Davenport, IA

Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) is a crime that many people don’t intend to commit. They get invited to watch a game at the local pub with the guys or even go out to dinner. They’re having a great time and they enjoy several drinks. Time moves on and they leave for home. The next thing they know, they see flashing red lights in their rear view mirror. They pull over and are surprised that the police cruiser is after them. They flunk a field sobriety test or a blood alcohol test and they are being arrested. Calling a DWI Lawyer in Davenport, IA is the best thing they can do.

They shouldn’t tell the police officer what they were doing or how many drinks they had. People who have never been arrested before view the police as their friend. This is not the case when they are being arrested. The police are trying to get as much evidence as they can against them. When they call their wife or parents for help to get bail, they should not say that they were drunk and got caught. The police could be listening to the conversation. The only thing that they can’t listen to is a conversation between them and their DWI Lawyer in Davenport, IA.

David G. Morrison is a lawyer that defends people accused of drunk diving. He isn’t there to judge their actions but to make sure they have a robust defense. Like any other DWI Lawyer in Davenport, IA he will make sure that the police followed the correct procedures. This includes having probable cause to stop the car. Seeing someone leave a bar after several hours is not probable cause. The police officer must identify specific behaviors, such as the defendant was staggering or driving erratically. This is very important in cases where the defendant was just a small bit over the legal limit for alcohol in their system.

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