Arranging Cremations in Cincinnati

If a loved one has not made arrangements for their funeral and burial before passing on, it will be up to the next of kin to take care of making these arrangements. This includes arranging to have the body cremated, if this was the wish of the deceased. When this service is required, the funeral home generally takes care of all of the details, including contacting appropriate agencies and receiving cremation permits. No one is under any obligation to have any additional services from the funeral home, unless they want these services.

The first thing to do when arranging cremations Cincinnati is to contact the funeral home and ask for a price list for the various services offered. The list should be itemized, and include everything that is offered by the funeral home. Generally, it costs around $1,000 to $1,500 for a cremation, depending on how many services are being used in addition to the cremation itself. The funeral home will take care of the transportation of the body to the crematorium, oversee the cremation, and provide death certificates to the next of kin.

The next step is to select an urn. There are many different styles to choose from at B.J. Meyer Sons Funeral Homes, and there is also cremation jewelry available, including lockets which will hold a small amount of the deceased’s ashes. The price of a container will depend on the style and what it is made from. The more ornate the container, the more expensive it is going to be.

After arranging cremations in Cincinnati, loved ones of the deceased must then decide if there is going to be a funeral service, and if there is going to be a viewing before the cremation. This will be more costly, because a casket will have to be purchased, which will be incinerated during the cremation. Other expenses may include flowers, nameplates, markers, and endowment care. The last thing to consider is how the remains will be stored, such as in a mausoleum, a cemetery, scattered at sea or on a private property, or kept at a family member’s residence. Visit for more information.

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