Areas to Consider Monitoring By Residential Camera Systems

Surveillance systems require the use of cameras to keep an eye out for intruders. The number of cameras that you need is dependent on what you intend on monitoring. These are some of the areas that can be considered for camera coverage.

One area to consider for Residential Camera Systems is the garage. The garage is one of the biggest entry points into the home. While it is often a favourite entry point for family members, it is also an entry for potential thieves and intruders. Since tools and other equipment are often stored in the garage, there is a need to know who is entering this particular area. With some systems, the images are recorded and can be reviewed if things show up missing in the garage.

Another area to consider is the fence gates to the backyard. The cameras can help you keep an eye on what your pets are up to in the backyard. It can also help you monitor if unwelcome pets are also causing trouble in the yard. Since this gate can also be a potential entry point for thieves, it can be helpful to have a camera watching this area. Often, it is easier to access the home through the backyard than it is through the front because the locks aren’t as secure in the back.

If there is an easily accessible side yard, the Residential Camera Systems can monitor this area as well. Windows and side doors are both points of possible entry in the side yard. The locks in this part of the house may not be as resilient as the lock at the front door. Therefore, thieves might see these windows and the door as an easier way to get into the home. Such weakness in home security are often readily apparent to thieves.

These are the areas that can be considered when setting up cameras for security reasons. Monitoring these potential entry points will help to ensure that the security in these areas is improved. For help in setting up security cameras that monitor these areas of your home, contact

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