Are you serious about protecting your home?

The statistics are grim; in a recent 4 year period home break ins increased a staggering 18%. Over the same four years, robberies in general only rose 1% so you can easily see that the focus is shifting from the street to the home. With these startling numbers, your home could be next.

Home owners who take security seriously are now turning from the conventional window and door sensor to the addition of CCTV security cameras as well. These cameras are being strategically placed in and around the home, covering the potential entrances for the uninvited. CCTV Cameras are available in both wired form and wireless depending on the location and a system can be as many cameras as you feel are necessary.

Many things are wireless in these modern times, the TV remote, cell phones network LANs etc. Wireless is proven technology and is far easier to set up. There is no need for power and control cables running from the camera to your house. The signal from the camera is received on a monitor that is installed either in the house or at a remote monitoring station.

Without a monitoring system, CCTV security cameras are useless. If suspicious movement cannot be observed then there is little point in it being recorded. A recording of a break-in may help in court but it won’t stop the break-in from happening. The whole idea behind monitoring of the image is to get help while you, your family and your assets are at risk.

The psychology behind camera placement is different for different people. Some homeowners will have the CCTV security cameras installed so that they are in plain sight, the thinking being that seeing that the home is monitored in itself will be enough to change the burglars mind. Other people hide the cameras and use the recording as an important tool who determining who the thief was.

To fully maximize on home security it is mandatory that the system be monitored 24×7, watching and listening for any suspicious activity. If this cannot be done by the homeowner then he can turn the monitoring responsibility over to a monitoring company, of which there are many to choose from. If this isn’t done the recording from the cameras can only be evidentiary or the cameras themselves will scare the intruder off. CCTV security cameras cannot stop theft from happening, they can deter or record.

Wireless cameras can be put anywhere but there is a drawback, the batteries must be maintained religiously. A camera with a dead battery is of no use at all. Many of the cameras that are available come with multiple batteries so that there is always a fully charged unit available. The industry is well aware of this limitation and there is news afoot that research on new batteries and imaging chips may soon result in the elimination of this problem.