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by | Jan 17, 2013 | Business

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A phone is a phone… not true. AT&T telephone systems and telephones are amongst the best in the world as they should be; they have been making phones since the time of Alexander Graham Bell. Today AT&T is the seventh largest company in the United States and the 17th largest company in the world. With revenue of $127 billion in 2011, an operating income of 416 billion and net income of $4 billion it is little wonder why the 252,000 employees are happy.

Monster numbers but they deserve it; their AT&T telephone systems are amongst the best in the world and can proudly stand cheek to jowl with any competitor.

This all sounds wonderful if you are an investor, but what does it mean to someone who has realized his current telephone system no longer can do the job. New and exciting technology is the hallmark of the telecommunications industry and what was good yesterday is not up to the demands of today.

When a businessman sets out to renew the existing system with AT&T telephone systems, what are some of the core capabilities that the system be capable of performing?

  • A built in voice mail system: Modern platforms integrate voice mail and call management into one platform. Such technology allows for live recording of calls and the inbuilt ability to capture caller ID which can be used for callback purposes. AT&T telephone systems maintain excellent voice quality, very much like the original caller. There also needs to be sufficient voice mail ports to handle the needs of the company. Voice mail ports are like an expressway, the more lanes the more traffic, with voice mail, the more ports the more traffic. Basic systems may come with as few as four ports, AT&T telephone systems can be sourced with more ports albeit for more money. The functions of voice mail must be simple to control. A single key should be available for instant access to the voice mailbox. Retrieval should show the caller ID and the message length which allows the recipient of the call the option of returning the call now or a bit later.
  • At times being able to record a conversation live is important. With people spread far and wide, all of whom have a role to play in sales, marketing, product development and manufacturing; conference calls are sometimes daily events. During these calls directions will be given, suggestions will be made. Rather than focus on writing all of this down during the conversation, live recording is every bit as good as an old time secretary who was a wiz at Pitman shorthand.

Whatever your business phone needs is, AT&T telephone systems have been designed to accommodate them. is distributors of AT&T telephone systems. They are very conversant on the capabilities of the system and can help you choose those features best suited for your business. Call today, 1-800-564-8045.

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