Are Amenities Included with Your Student Housing Fee in Florida?

As you look for an apartment near Tallahassee Community College, you might find yourself wondering how you’re going to pay for the amenities. Does the apartment rate cover everything that the housing unit has to offer, or will you have to pay extra for services like high-speed Internet, cable TV, pool and gym access, or social events?

What’s Covered Under Your Apartment Rate?

Most housing units offer a flat monthly fee for the apartment unit. This includes a fully furnished living space with a TV, WiFi access, and private bedrooms and bathrooms. Most housing units do have an additional charge for amenities, but it’s a small fee that you pay along with the rest of your rent. Essentially, it’s all packaged together. And once you’ve paid for the month, you’ll have access to everything–your apartment, the pool, the gym, study lounges, social events, and all the other amenities that the complex has to offer. It’s a flat fee that you pay all at once, not something that you “pay as you go.”

Utilities like water, sewer, laundry, and WiFi are also included with your amenities fee. In other words, you’ll pay once a month and then you’re done.

If you’re searching for an apartment near Tallahassee Community College, visit the Alight West Tenn website. You can view the rates for the different floor plans and see how much the utilities and amenities will cost per month. You can also see what kind of features are available to you at the complex, including a pool, a fitness center, a study lounge, and more.

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