3 Reasons to Choose Screen Printing

One of the most important decisions someone who owns a t-shirt business will have to make is how they will have their t-shirts printed. These days, the most popular way to print graphics on a shirt is screen printing. As screen printing is something many people are not aware of, here are a few of the key benefits to screen printing in the Spokane, WA area.

Durable Ink
One of the biggest benefits of screen printing is that the inks used during this process are very durable. This means they will be able to hold up both the inside and the outside for a very long time. Other methods, such as iron-on patches, do not stand against harsh conditions, and in most cases, do not stay on the shirts for very long. When looking for a printing method that will stand the test of time, screen printing is your best option.

Endless Color Options
Another benefit of using screen printing for your t-shirt company is the wide array of colors you have at your disposal. This is great for designers who like to use odd color combinations in their work because getting these colors with screen printing is very easy. The last thing you want is a printing method that holds back the level of creativity you can have in your designs. Be sure to speak with the screen printing company you are using to make sure they offer the color combinations you need.

The Budget-Friendly Option
For newer t-shirt companies, the biggest benefit of screen printing is that it is much less expensive than the other methods. Generally, when a company is first starting out, they don’t have much capital to invest in an expensive printing method. This is part of the reason why screen printing is so popular. The more you know about what prices a certain screen printer will charge you, the easier it is for you to budget.

If you find yourself in need of budget-friendly screen printing in Spokane, WA, the team at New Flag Design, LLC can help you.

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