An OWI Lawyer in Oshkosh Will Give You the Best Chance In Court

Drinking and driving is never a smart move. If you have to drink while you are out, it is in your best interest to find a designated driver, or call a cab. If you are stopped and arrested for drinking and driving in Iowa, Michigan, Wisconsin or a few other states, you may find yourself charged with OWI, or Operating while intoxicated. This charge can be levied no matter what type of motor vehicle you are driving. It applies to a boat, Jet Ski, tractor, car or truck. If you find yourself charged in this situation, you will obtain the best results from the court by hiring an OWI Lawyer Oshkosh.

Being charged with OWI can be costly. Not only are you looking at the cost of an attorney, but you are looking at significant fines levied by the court. You may also incur the cost of driving school, or the cost of having an alcohol detection system installed in your vehicle. Even for a first offense, you may be facing having your licenses suspended for six to nine months. Each additional offense will produce a tougher sentence, and could ultimately result in jail time. Did you know that by simply having someone in the car under the age of 16, at the time of your arrest; will greatly increase your penalties? A good OWI Lawyer Oshkosh., will be able to educate you about this and more.

The attorney that you hire will be able to answer any questions that you have pertaining to the OWI case. They will be able to review the evidence that the police have against you. They will prepare you for any questions that will be ask of you during the proceedings. They will review the field sobriety test, as well as the breathalyzer results, if you participated in these. Depending on your numbers, they may advise you to take proactive steps prior to going to court, to show the court that you are willing to work through any issues that you may have. You have too much to lose to go to court unprepared. A good attorney will not allow you to do so.

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