About Bail Bonds in Minnesota

When you are accused of a crime and placed under arrest, you have just encountered a whole new problem in life. When arrested, you will usually be given the opportunity to see the judge within a couple of days. Sometimes you can incur a longer wait. When you see the judge, a bond amount will be set for you. That is when you need a Bail Bondsman In Minnesota to help you get out of jail.

When a bond amount is set, most people don’t have the money that will equal the dollar amount of their bond. That is when you need a bail bondsman. Your bail bondsman will require that at least 10% of your bail amount be paid. There are also fees associated with using their services.

The bondsman will make sure that you have secured the cash or credit card payment before they process your bond. The bond will be processed only after you agree to make all court appearances. It’s kind of like an insurance policy that provides assurance to the court that you will show up. A co-signer is required on many bail bonds. Failure to appear for your court appearances will result in a forfeiture notice being sent to the bail bondsman. When that happens, the court will demand payment of the bond in full.

When a forfeiture notice goes to the bonding company, you will then be subject to having your bond revoked. This will result in you being placed under arrest. Most judges will then require that you be held without bond until your upcoming court date. This could be several months. Therefore, it’s best to show up for your court appearances as scheduled.

Co-signing a bond is a serious obligation. It’s never recommended to co-sign unless you know the defendant very well. You will also need to make sure the defendant makes all their scheduled court appearances.

Bail Bonds Minnesota aren’t difficult to obtain but as you see, there are conditions you must be willing to meet. Failure to do so will result in more jail time and becomes quite costly.

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