An Exterminator in Chula Vista Can Remove Bees

Everyone knows that honey bees are important for crop fertilization. However, when they take up residence in a homeowner’s walls or barbecue grill, they are not welcome guests. It can be very disconcerting for homeowners to hear buzzing in their walls. At first they might think that their heat or plumbing is making a strange noise. Then they notice that they have stray bees flying around their home. These are signs that they a beehive in their wall. Some people might not really care that they are important to the environment, they just decide to find the access point and spray insecticide into it. That’s a dangerous thing to do. It might not kill the bees quickly, and they could get badly stung.


Calling an exterminator in Chula Vista is a much better strategy. They can determine if the bees are friendly honey bees or more dangerous Africanized bees. If it turns out it is honey bees, Antac Pest Control can call a beekeeper to come collect the swarm as it is taken out of the home. Often this means cutting a hole in the wall and blowing in smoke to calm the bees and make them sleepy. Then they can be removed. It’s not enough to remove the bees. A working hive means that there is a lot of honeycomb in the wall. If it is not thoroughly cleaned out, the sweet treat will attract even more pests.

Many homeowners are concerned about the chemicals that an exterminator in Chula Vista will use. Unfortunately sometimes it is necessary to use them. If the beehive was home to Africanized bees, they are very dangerous and would have to be killed quickly. Pest control specialists are trained to know how to use pesticides properly. Children and pets should be kept away from the work area. Once the surfaces are dry, it is safe for them to be in the room again.

Exterminators will also located the source of the problem. They will explain to the homeowner how to prevent a further infestation. This can mean finding the hole that the insects used to gain access to the home. It can also mean treating the area with the proper pesticide on a regular basis.