An Arborist in St. Paul MN Ensures Young Trees Have the Proper Support and Protection

by | Sep 23, 2015 | Arborist Supplies

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An arborist in St. Paul MN can help a homeowner select the right tree for their landscape and place it in the proper location. This prevents many future problems, such as tree limbs hanging over a roof. Healthy trees begin with a healthy root system. Before the arborist plants a tree, they evaluate the soil conditions. If necessary, they augment the soil with nutrients. They may also add gravel or loam to ensure that the tree roots have the proper drainage.

The largest trees begin as a small sapling. The Arborist in St. Paul MN makes sure that the young tree is able to withstand local weather conditions. If it is a windy area, it may be necessary to stake and guy the sapling until the roots are deep enough and strong enough to support the tree. This can take from one to three years. During that time, the arborist and homeowner will need to check the places on the stem where the wire supports are attached. As the tree grows, these become tighter and will need to be loosened. Depending upon the tree’s growth rate, these need to be checked every three to six months.

Pets and wild animals can also be a threat to young trees. They may enjoy rubbing against them or even eating them. A protective sleeve can be placed around the tree trunk to keep the animals away. These sleeves are made from wire mesh or hardware cloth. It’s important to keep these protective barriers at least 3 inches away from the tree trunk. This allows the tree to grow normally. People who are mowing the lawn or removing snow can also damage the root system. A plastic guard can be placed around the base of the tree to prevent this. It’s important that it be large enough to allow the root system to continue to develop. An arborist will check the tree once a year to determine if the guard needs to be replaced. These strategies help the tree to develop a strong trunk and root system. This helps to ensure the healthiest and longest life possible for the tree.

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