Uses for Wood Chips in St. Paul, MN

Everyone who cares about nature and the planet will want to do everything possible to avoid being wasteful or using manufactured products when natural options work as well. By being able to make the most of everything you have, you will be saving money as well. One of the best examples for accomplishing all of this is with the use of wood chips in St Paul MN.

By having your downed limbs and branches chipped, you are creating a useful product for your yard rather than producing another item that needs to be thrown away. Wood chips are useful for so many different things.

Wood chips work wonderfully as both compost and mulch. They help compost piles break down faster and, as mulch, they not only look attractive, but are functional as well. Wood chips can provide cover warmth to plants and help to control water in the garden.

As a decorative touch, wood chips are perfect for edging walkways and driveways and provide a soft and appealing surface for the walkways as well. It will help to control weed growth in garden paths, and can be used to safely level walking surfaces.

If you have children, consider using wood chips as a safe and comfortable cushion under their play areas. They will give a little protection underneath swing sets, playhouses and tree houses, and will help to drain the water better, so the ground will not be as wet and muddy underfoot following a rainstorm.

Finally, wood chips are known to help aid erosion problems in yards. They can be used to provide a barrier for problem areas at risk of washing out. They are not necessarily a permanent or long term solution, but they can provide a lot of assistance while more permanent solutions are being considered.

If you do not have your own branches and limbs to chip, you can still purchase wood chips in St Paul MN. This will still make it possible to have a natural, chemical-free product in your yard that is safe for animals and people alike. You do not need to have or rent a chipper to create your own, as yard services will often offer this service.

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