Advantage of Employing Effective Spam Filtering

by | Oct 3, 2012 | Computer & Internet

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In our fast-paced society, email has become one of the most widely used methods of communication. Whether it’s professional or personal, people you want to contact are always an email away. Because they are user-friendly and instant, the use of emails is now an integral part of everyday living for many people. However, unwanted spam, which often consists of annoying and unsolicited advertisements, has turned into a major problem. As a result, many software clients offer built-in spam filtering to help alleviate this issue.

Types of Email Programs

To send out electronic mail, users have several choices including web-based systems from a number of leading providers. This is a free option that requires nothing more than an email account, an Internet connection, and a web browser. There are also client-based systems that allow users to send messages directly from their desktop. Both of these will have different functionality, setups, and require unique filters for effectively blocking spam. It is not unusual for individuals to have multiple accounts to separate personal and business correspondence.

Email System Filters

Web based mail service offers spam filtering at no cost. The filter is either content-based or from a provided list of known spammers. The filtration for a client-based program is generally one of three types: standalone filters, integrated filters and server-side filters. The server-side app will check spam that originates from the Internet provider location. A standalone application resides on the user computer and separates spam from email upon delivery. Regardless of the method, both require address verification from senders.

How Filters Work

Legitimate email from trusted sources is sometimes mistaken as spam; however filtration techniques have advanced to the point where the probability of this occurring is quite low. Emails are carefully analyzed and assigned a rating. This is what determines whether it becomes immediately blocked or allowed through. Although highly complex, some factors include message content, source origination, sender address and name, along with their assigned Internet number.

Anti-Spam Regulations

Because unsolicited email eventually reached epidemic proportions, legislation was enacted to prevent deceptive practices. This has not curbed the problem completely. However, it does give consumers the opportunity to opt out of unwanted mailings and mandates that advertisers are completely transparent regarding the fact they are sending solicitations. This law also requires senders to provide a legitimate street address in the body of the message. Spam filtering, although not always perfect, is still the best defense in the fight against spamming techniques.

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