Adult Encouragement is Essential to a Child’s Learning

If you are around children you have the capacity to help shape their self esteems and encourage them to be successful and feel great about themselves. The more encouragement a child has to discover and process and expand the more easily learning will come to him or her. This process of discovery and learning starts in places like Liberty Hill Elementary, an institution that utilizes curricula which are designed to broaden a child’s horizons and help him see the world as approachable and interactive.

Liberty Hill Elementary and numerous other institutions around the country are devoted to encouraging a child’s development academically, socially, and emotionally. Nurturing a child’s self-esteem encourages that child to learn and grow and develop. One of the best things that an adult can do for a child is help that child learn what he or she is good at. This is accomplished through helping the child feel competent or skilled at certain tasks. In general, the tasks that the child feels that he or she excels at most are the tasks that he or she will be the most inclined to continue to pursue and develop.

Adults can foster this sense of discovery and opportunity for growth outside of the institutional setting as well. By giving the child or children in your life the opportunity to explore new things and to be exposed to new ideas and meet new people, you are helping that child develop a sense of himself or herself and of the world that surrounds him or her. Through introductions to new things a child can begin to identify likes and dislikes as well as to identify things that come easy to him or her and things that aren’t so easy for him or her.

All humans learn about their world in many different ways. Children are no exception!  Some children learn best when being exposed through a wide variety of things while other children learn best by focusing on a handful of things that they wish to explore further and specialize their talents. Institutions such as Liberty Hill Elementary focus on nurturing a child’s inclination to learn and expand by creating a large array of learning opportunities and methods. No type of learning is wrong. In order to encourage learning, adults should encourage children to practice what they enjoy the most and what they are the most good at, honing and sharpening their skills. Providing children with a wide range of opportunities will expose children to many different types of things to learn about and many different methods of learning. This will allow them to identify activities that they prefer and are easier for them to accomplish.

As you work with your child to foster interest in exploring the world and discovering new things, keep in mind that every child has a unique personality which affects learning. Children, like any humans, vary in their level of activity, emotional styles, and general social natures. Adults should pay close attention to a child’s personality and note how he or she reacts to certain stimuli or when being introduced to new activities. Some children may prefer very active activities which require a lot of energy and movement. Other children may prefer to focus on small tasks which require coordination and concentration. One choice is not better than another. What is important is that the child is enjoying himself or herself and is encouraged in whatever he or she does. Only through positive reinforcement and encouragement will a child continue to have the confidence to perfect his or her skills and expand his or her horizons.

Enroll your child in a Montessori school such as Liberty Hill Elementary and watch him or her blossom under our tutelage. Our curriculum covers a wide range of subjects and is designed to broaden your child’s horizons while fostering and honing his or her interests and skills. We are currently enrolling students for 2013 and 2014 and 2015. Contact us today at (512) 260-2261 or to schedule a tour or to further discuss our programs.