A Roofing Company in Johnston is the Company to Replace Your Roof With High Quality Porducts

The weather in Des Moines is very hard on your roof damaging or outright destroying shingles and flashing. One small leak caused by this damage is enough to create an unhealthy amount of black mold in the house. It may be time to replace your roof with high quality shingles that will hold up against the tough weather.

A Roofing Company in Johnston can have HAAC Certified Roof Inspectors examine your roof and recommend any corrective action required to protect the house. There are many new roofing products which have been developed in the past five years, and these products look great and they stand up against any weather. They will withstand a barrage of hail.

Installing a new roof means taking off the existing roof down to the underlayment. Parts of the underlayment may need to be replaced because water leaking through the shingles has caused the underlayment to rot. Many installations require a leak barrier to be layed down after the underlayment has been repaired.
Laying down the shingles is a technique stipulated by the shingle manufacturer. The shingle nails must be placed properly and the spacing of the shingles need to be done according to the recommended, and sometimes mandatory, spacing. The spacing of the shingles will keep water from getting under the shingles and causing more rotting. Each style of shingle requires a different nail pattern. A Roofing Company in Johnston is experienced in shingle placement.

There are many choices of shingles to choose from. The choices include the following:
1. The rugged wood-shake look
2. old world elegance
3. The slate look
4. The European clay tile look
5. Hand-cut European slate
6. Economical three-tab

The cool series shingles reflect the energy back off of the roof making the home cooler. These are attractive shingles and they will save on you money in energy costs. Another highly desirable shingle for areas that experience heavy hail is the Armor Shield which is very resistant to damage by hail. The Roofing Contractor Johnston is experienced in installing the leak barrier, starter strip shingles, and ridge cap shingles for attic ventilation. They will also ensure the placement of the gutters next to the fascia so water will not run down the side of house into the basement area which will happen over time. A good roofing contractor will make sure the property is clean and free of all roofing scraps.



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