A Personal Injury Attorney in Albuquerque NM Is Someone You Need Working For You If You Have Been Injured In An Accidnet

Injuries from an accident can leave you feeling not only physically bad but mentally overwhelmed also. You need to call a personal injury attorney immediately. It is essential that he begin working for you as soon as possible. He may want to interview witnesses, the EMS team if one was called, and the investigating law enforcement officer. He may take pictures of the accident scene, and the other car or cars involved.

It may be appropriate to have a vehicle accident expert look at the car to determine if there is something about the car that could have caused the accident. He will look at the overall condition of the car to get a sense of the driver’s responsibility for their car. If the car has bald tires and dents, then the driver is careless and neglects his car. He may be a careless driver who neglects following the rules of the road. Perhaps the car is full of empty or partially full beer bottles. This would be a powerful piece of evidence.

The Personal Injury Attorney in Albuquerque NM will work to get your car repaired and an income stream started. He will arrange for the proper medical care if your current medical care is inadequate.

Personal Injury Attorney in Albuquerque NM will conduct a background check on the driver to determine what his driving record is and to see if he has any criminal charges and convictions. Often, the background checks reveal DUIs and other behaviors which may contribute to an accident. He may be driving on a suspended license.

Your attorney will be following your medical process and collecting medical records from the doctors and the hospital to assess your medical condition. He will ask the doctors for a prognosis because the length of recovery is a critical factor in a settlement discussion, and to determine what the settlement amount needs to be.

With the information collected by your attorney, he can begin to craft a settlement proposal to present to the other driver’s insurance company. That company can agree, attempt to modify it or reject it outright. Occasionally, the case will be submitted for mediation in an attempt to get it settled. If this fails, then the case will proceed to trial. Your attorney is an experienced trial attorney who knows how to present your case successfully. To know more information, contact Carter & Valle Law Firm, P.C.

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