Air Conditioning in Oklahoma City Can Fail On a Hot Day If It Does Not Have a Pre-Season Checkup

Air conditioning can be a problem on the hottest day of the summer, and not because it is just bad luck. It may be due to not having your A/C unit inspected before the season begins. The A/C unit has many parts and some of them may have worn out toward the last of the previous season. Some wires may have been loosened by vibrations. Many parts can be ready to cause trouble and these can be caught early in the pre-season.

Air Conditioning in Oklahoma City will begin outside the home where the condenser and the condenser coils are located. The compressor is also located outside and it should be checked. The fan should be cleaned and the cage should be cleaned of all the debris which has accumulated. The fins should be straight and cleaned of debris.

Some parts need maintenance like the belts require adjusting and the motors need oiling. Other parts may need cleaning like the coils. If the coils become too dirty, they will stop the A/C from cooling the home. Most homeowners never think about having the coils looked at or cleaned, and this is not a DIY project. The Air Conditioning in Oklahoma City can check these. Wires can become loose so every connection should be checked. The refrigerant level should be checked, and if it is low, then it must be filled and the leak found. The refrigerant is environmentally unfriendly.

Check the condensate drain. A drain plugged from the water sediment will cause a backup, and the water will run down into the living areas and damage the ceiling or the wall, which will have to be repaired by replacing the wall board. The chances are good that black mold has formed and it will have to be removed.

The thermostat should be checked to make sure it functions as it is programmed to function. Check the A/C system starting cycle and the shut off point to ensure that the system is responding to the thermostat. Check the temperature of the cool air coming out of each vent. Every vent should record the same temperature, and if it doesn’t, then there is a blockage in the ducts. Excel Mechanical Plumbing, Heating and Air can find the blockage and remove it.

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