A Landscape Design in Suffolk County Can Add Beauty and Value to Your Home

A professionally designed landscape will add much beauty and attraction to your home, with relatively little money. A landscape design is meant to embody the botanical features of your yard. This will be enhanced by adding hardsacpe features, turning your yard into a garden show piece. Beauty is created by a designer who can customize your landscape with a new design, including plantings, ponds and waterfalls, and a sprinkling system to ensure the plants get the water they will need.

There are so many softscapes which can turn a yard into a work of beauty with the color, the flowers, and the trees which liven up a yard. A night vision can be added with lights placed in the right positions to show off the trees and the larger plantings. Lights can also enhance the low-lying flower beds which add so much color to the yard. Often a stone retaining wall will give the yard an old world look, and the plantings at the base of the wall will add beauty which cannot be imagined.

The objective of the landscape design in Suffolk County is to build upon the beauty that exists and the beauty that a landscape designer realizes can be created. See aclandscapingltd.com for further information.

Some marvelous functional additions to the landscape can be made using a combination of masonry materials such as an outdoor fire pit, fireplaces, poolscapes, walkways and interlocking pavers. Outdoor patios can be constructed using a combination of these materials, or just one of them.
If the yard has a pool, there are some fantastic poolscapes which can be created to add to the beauty of the yard constructed from the design materials discussed above.

Often, property maintenance becomes a critical aspect of a landscape design plan. A yard landscape plan may need some maintenance work before the plan can be implemented. Trees may need to be removed if the roots will interfere with the irrigation system or the sewer system. Stump removal can also be accomplished which gives a cleaner look to the yard. Spring cleanup including pruning, mulching and thatching should be accomplished as part of the seasonal clean up. Deep root feeding can be done early in the year along with Organic Fertilizer Programs. The watering system is checked for adequate watering of added plants and trees as well as existing plants and trees.

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