5 Steps to Getting Your Marriage License

Tying the knot can come with a lot of fanfare that it’s often easy to forget that you’ll need to get the paperwork done as well. So before the big day comes, make sure you have everything ready and in order, including your marriage license. Your marriage won’t be legal, otherwise. Here are handy tips to help you:

Set a date asap

Don’t wait until the very last minute to apply for one. While it’s possible to get a same-day license in some states, you first need to know if that rule applies to your state. If it doesn’t, then you’ll have plenty of time to get it before your wedding preparations get too hectic.

Call them up

Get the country clerk’s office number and address. That’s where most people need to apply for their marriage license. Ask pertinent questions about how to get the license, what the requirements are, how much it’s going to cost and if there are any extra charges if you do it on a weekend, Marriage suggests.

Time it right

Some states actually set a waiting period before you can use the license so you’ll need to get it in advance. Others set a specific time frame for using the license, with some requiring couples to use it within the next 20 or 60 days. Figure out the specifics for your state and plan the best time to apply for one.

Do it together

You won’t be able to get that license on your own. You and your would-be-spouse need to do this together.

Know the requirements

You both need to be of legal age so make sure you bring along a photo ID, along with your birth certificate and other documents that they requested.

If you booked a package, you could also ask for help from your wedding services provider on how to get your marriage license.

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