3 Ways to Calm a Cat while at a Veterinary Clinic in Leawood, KS

Your pet may not like visiting their veterinarian any more than you like going to the doctor, but it is necessary to ensure their continued good health. A cat is often stressed after riding in a car, which can make a vet visit difficult on them. However, there are ways to calm your cat when you take them to the vet.

Bring a Toy

Since cats like to play, you can distract them when you go to the veterinary clinic in Leawood, KS with a small interactive toy. Their attention will be on their toy instead of being in an examination room. Playing with you can help your cat destress and relax enough to allow the vet to examine them during their wellness check.

Calm Yourself

Even the calmest of kitties can become hostile to others by sensing your stress. If you’re nervous, tense or seem worried, your feline friend will detect it, sense something is wrong, and they will be more guarded. To help your cat relax, take deep calming breaths, listen to relaxing music on the drive to the veterinary clinic and project a sense of confidence to your cat, so they will be calm and relaxed.

Let them Hide

While waiting on the vet, don’t force your cat out of their carrier, if they seem tense or scared. Most cats like to hide when they’re feeling anxious, so let him or her stay in the carrier until one of the vets at the Cherokee Animal Clinic arrives in the room. You can also take a towel, so they can burrow under it to hide.

By allowing them to follow their instincts, your cat will soothe itself and relax while waiting to be seen at the veterinary clinic. These suggestions for calming a cat during a vet visit makes it easier and safer on everyone.

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