3 Advantages To Box Truck Leasing For Texas Small Businesses

All across the country, small businesses are an important part of the economy. Finding ways for small businesses to compete with large chain stores can be difficult, but with leasing over buying delivery trucks it is possible to save money while actually boosting service levels for your customers.

There are several advantages to box truck leasing over purchasing. While it is nice to own your own delivery vehicles, it is certainly not the only option. For a smaller Texas business, leasing offers cost savings as well as additional options to consider that make it a better option in many situations.

Lower Monthly Payments

Buying a box truck is a big investment for small companies. This includes both a down payment as well as monthly payments, often for 48 to 60 months. To have the benefit of the truck you need and not to have to limit yourself based on what you can afford to buy, box truck leasing offers the perfect option.

In many cases, the cost of leasing will be about half of the cost of monthly truck note payments. There is also no down payment required, and it is possible to move to a larger truck with just a phone call from most top leasing services.

Maintenance Included

Purchasing a truck also means completing all scheduled maintenance at your own cost. With the best of the box truck leasing companies, this type of regular maintenance will be included in the price of the lease.

The company will schedule the work at your convenience, allowing you to plan for the hour or two the truck will need to be off the road. This alone is a cost saving factor that is often overlooked.

Regular Upgrades

Buying means that the only option you have to upgrade the box truck is to sell your current vehicle and then start the purchase process over again. While this is possible, it will simply place your business back into the same position if you need to size up or size down with your truck.

When leasing, you have the option to move up or down in size as outlined in your lease. This is an important consideration for a business with seasonal differences in sales volumes to provide more efficiency without requiring the bigger size of truck in the slower sales periods.

While a company may first think about buying a used box truck, as this is a traditional choice in Texas, there are many advantages of leasing that should also be considered. It is an effective, low cost way to get the vehicle you need.

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