Your Pet Deserves the Highest Quality Dog Grooming Available in Stafford, Virginia

Pet owners want the best quality care available for their companions, and professional dog groomers can offer it. Trained and friendly staff will provide the pet with an atmosphere where they can receive comfortable and tailored solutions to their needs. Using the highest quality products, the groomers can follow specific instructions and offer additional solutions to a pet’s particular problems. Basic grooming services include regular shampooing, along with ear cleaning and ear hair removal, and a little extra scented mist for a special final touch. Additionally, nails can be trimmed and smoothed, and balm applied to moisturize cracked paw pads. Full service officers usually include the basic grooming package along with a haircut, blow dry, and brush out that is specific to the dog breed.

Alternate hair care includes shampooing that is tailored to normal, dry, or oily skins, along with strong odor cleaning and neutralizing. When a dog needs extended attention, they will benefit from Dog Grooming Stafford VA where they will receive particular attention to heavy and matted coats requiring undercoat removal, a shampoo that helps reduce their shedding, and an Aloe Vera treatment for their special skin needs. Whether your dog’s odor comes from heavy undercoat problems, or a special encounter with a local skunk, dog odor is disagreeable. When dogs need a deep cleaning to remove heavy or difficult odors, special deodorizing shampoos can help remove the odor with special pH-balanced extracts.

Did you know dogs might carry fleas and not need to scratch themselves? Dog Grooming Stafford VA can help you monitor your pet’s health and keep them free from parasites that are not just a nuisance to pets and their humans, but they also cause illnesses such as allergies, anemia, and infections. A medicated shampoo and moisturizing conditioner can offer flea relief and help to provide comfort from the itching and scratching.

At Dumfries Animal Hospital, they offer the highest quality dog grooming available for your dog. Whether your pet needs a quick tidy up or extended attention to detail, their services offer your pet comfort, well-being, and you will receive the satisfaction of knowing you have provided them with the highest quality grooming available.