Workers’ Compensation Info Your Employer May Not Want You to Know

Workers’ compensation cases often turn contentious due to the reluctance of many employers to fairly compensate employees who have been injured in a work-related accident, whether it happens on the premises or not. If you have been recently injured in a work-related mishap, Lake Villa workers’ compensation lawyers can provide the guidance that is necessary to successfully navigate the complex and at times confusing workers’ compensation process.

Independent Medical Care Is a Must

A lot of employers insist that any injured worker see their appointed doctor. This can often cause a conflict of interest, and Lake Villa workers’ compensation lawyers stress the importance of receiving a comprehensive medical opinion from an independent physician.

Three Days of Rest Rule

Knowledgeable Lake Villa workers’ compensation lawyers will be sure that you are aware of regulations such as the no work for three days rule. Many employers, upon hearing that you have been injured, will insist that you continue to come to work and perform light duty tasks. This is a common way for companies to take advantage of the nuances of filing for workers’ comp because all injured employees must take three days off after the accident in order to qualify for coverage. Tactics such as this are why Lake Villa workers’ compensation lawyers are necessary when filing a workers’ compensation case.

Everyone that works for a firm that carries workers’ compensation coverage and adheres to the employment requirements is entitled to coverage in the event that they are injured due to their work. Unscrupulous companies have been known to take advantage of the system in an attempt to deny fair payment to injured workers. If you are injured through the performance of your work duties, it is a good idea to seek legal counsel as soon as possible.

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