Wood flooring, why it Makes Sense for San Antonio

Wood flooring makes more sense in San Antonio and other warm cities than further north. The reason is simple, by far the worst part of wood flooring is how cold it gets in the winter. It’s very common in apartments in cities like Boston, or New York, mostly because of the ease of cleaning. However for the local residents it makes winter unpleasant as the cold floor saps all the heat and will to live out of anyone without socks. However, in San Antonio, there isn’t the brutality of a Northern winter and one can have wood flooring and just appreciate its advantages.

There are advantages to wood flooring. The first is the ease of cleaning. A lot of life comes down to handling the little things, be it cold feet in winter or just how often you need to vacuum the floor. One of the great things about wood flooring is that it doesn’t require steam cleaning ever, and regular vacuuming rarely. A quick sweep will get the floor looking brand new. Occasionally you might need to take a wet mop of sorts to a part of the floor but generally you can get away with almost no cleaning supplies and only minimal upkeep.

Though the temperature of the floor is less of a concern in San Antonio, wood flooring has the advantage of being warmer than other hard floors. It’s also a bit more comfortable than stone flooring which can be rather rough if you’re standing on it for hours (think in the kitchen). While wood flooring won’t beat carpet for total comfort it does beat the other hard surfaces. So while this isn’t the bragging point of wood flooring overall it is a point in its favor compared to many flooring options.

There’s the final issue that’s pretty much impossible to avoid, wood flooring looks great. Part of the selection for flooring will ultimately come down to what works from a decoration point of view and wood offers you a lot in terms of appearance. So in short the reason why so many homes in San Antonio are switching to wood flooring is because of the balance of qualities. It offers you fantastic aesthetics, great ease of cleaning and a moderate amount of comfort. Wood flooring is a very general thing that includes a lot of different types wood, different cuts, different grains and different lay outs. Most flooring options provide a lot of sub options and wood flooring doesn’t disappoint in this category either. The basic strength of wood flooring is the overall quality it provides in every category.

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