Winterizing as Routine Maintenance to Prevent the Need for Elevator Repair in Washington DC

The Washington DC area usually experiences moderate winters, but sometimes heavy snow falls and temperatures drop far below freezing. Elevator Repair in Washington DC may become necessary when this happens, especially if the building owners had not scheduled winterizing of the equipment. Exterior equipment is particularly at risk of damage, such as when trolleys freeze and ruin cables.

Generators and Battery Backups

Commercial and institutional buildings, as well as multi-story residential apartment complexes, ideally should have a generator to keep electrical devices and lights running if the power goes out during severe weather. Ice storms are notorious for causing this problem, and the power can stay off for many hours. At a minimum, the elevator’s battery backup should be checked on a regular schedule to make sure it is always fully charged.

Without these preventive measures, people can easily become trapped in an elevator when the power is out. Once the power is on again, most elevators will automatically start up. However, some have a startup protocol that requires a professional technician to implement.

Keeping the Oil Warm

Companies that offer service for Elevator Repair in Washington DC also can send a technician at any time to install a heater in the oil tank that prevents the liquid from becoming too sluggish during bitterly cold weather. When that happens, the elevator may move extremely slowly.

In addition, that thicker oil is hard on the components that it is meant to lubricate. People who aren’t very familiar with the workings of elevators might compare this to using a heavy-weight oil in a passenger car during the winter. Mechanics encourage vehicle owners to use lighter-weight oil for better performance.

The Importance of Routine Maintenance

Equipment installed by a company like Elevator Technologies Inc is designed to be completely safe and to provide convenience and accessibility. However, routine maintenance is essential for preventing malfunctions and breakdowns, and the need for repair work. Harsh weather conditions cause additional wear and tear on exterior components, and those that are not in climate-controlled areas. Elevators in multi-story garages, for example, may be exposed to extremes in temperatures. To get started, click here.

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