Wideband AC amplifiers and robotics used in an industrial setting

Most large-scale industries today use some form of robotics on the production line to perform tasks that are unsafe or too difficult for humans. Most machinery and robotics in these industries have unique power needs that cannot be met by most small-scale transformers and power units. When you have machinery with a wide range of load requirements, be sure to choose a proper wideband amplifier transformer to get the job done properly and safely.

Finding the right wideband AC power amplifier

In an industrial setting you may need a wideband AC amplifier in applications such as plasma excitation, magnetic field generation or meter calibration. Wideband offers low distortion and ion beam deflection that can meet the needs of your unique application. Most wideband amplifiers range from 50 to 1400 W and can span anywhere from 5 Hz to 1.2 million Hz with the standard range topping out at 800,000 Hz. Amplification units, depending on their purpose, can wait anywhere from 25 pounds took over 100 pounds so be aware of your power needs and your space allowance before deciding on the model to purchase for your company.

Medical robots and their unique power needs

The medical field, especially on the research side, uses a wide number of robotics as they can be subjected to large amounts of radiation without any danger. This is especially beneficial in the pharmaceutical and medical testing areas, as well as bioengineering where dangerous chemicals, bacteria or viruses can be present. Most robots in an industrial setting are very large and seem clumsy, but those used in the medical field are smaller and can perform extremely delicate actions better than any human. The only downside to robots in any setting is the fact that they may sometimes have unique power needs including restricted frequency or high-frequency.

Using robots in heavy industrial setting

Robots are commonly seen in the automotive industry especially on the welding lines as they can withstand extreme temperatures and dangerous chemical fumes while still performing their jobs. They can also lift heavy weights and are not at risk to injury in case of an accident on the production floor. Computer linked robotics are common with arc welding systems as they can produce a mass number of intricately designed metal products for a variety of applications in other industries including aerospace and military installations.

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