Why Your Pet Needs A Wellness Exam

Typically, a wellness examination takes place annually; the objective of the exam is to detect any disease or other problems that can threaten the life or well-being of your pet. It is common for people to have annual checkups with their primary physician and dentist, the results of the actions and tests ensure that people stay healthy. The same concept is true when it comes to your pet when you arrange a visit with a vet in Bucktown; the objective is to prevent future problems.

How often does your pet need a wellness exam?

It is most unfortunate, but studies indicate that visits to veterinarians are declining while pet illnesses are increasing.

On average, and this depends a lot on the breed of the dog, it will age about six or seven years for every human year. A 5-year-old terrier, for example, equates to a 30 to 35-year old human. As the average life expectancy of a dog is about 15 years, you can see the importance of annual wellness exams up to age 9 and then twice a year visits after that.

What does the vet do during the exam?

The vet in Bucktown will take a “lifestyle history” of the pet; the temperature, pulse, and weight are recorded. Once this information is gathered, the vet checks the dog from head to tail, checking its eyes, ears, mouth, heart, lungs and more. Upon completion of the physical exam, the vet may make specific recommendations which can include dental care, the advice of the animal’s behavior, etc. Any follow up vaccinations are given at this time.

Why is a wellness exam important?

Pets have no way of explaining that they are unwell. It is through regular wellness examinations that preventative diseases can be addressed. The early detection of a medical issue is the key to a healthy pet that will enjoy a long and productive life.

To ensure that your pet remains healthy, your vet in Bucktown will recommend annual wellness exams. You are invited to arrange an early appointment with Village West Veterinary or visit website for more information.

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