Why Your Newborn Baby Will Have to Stay in a Summerville, SC, Hospital

When you have a baby, you’ll find out that your new addition will have to spend some time in the hospital before going home. While this won’t be a long period of time, it is necessary. For a healthy baby, they will need up to 24 hours of newborn hospital care in Summerville, SC. Babies showing signs for concern, such as a low birth weight, may need to stay for up to 48 to 72 hours. Here are a few things that happen during this short hospital stay.

Watch For Normal Activity

There are certain signs that the hospital will look for in determining that a baby is healthy enough to go home. They will monitor the newborn’s temperature, watch for their first bowel and bladder movements, and determine the baby’s risks for jaundice.

Provide Initial Vaccinations

While in the hospital, your newborn will receive a vitamin K shot to help protect against internal bleeding. They will also be administered an ointment around the eyes to reduce the chances of infection. In addition to the range of vaccinations they will receive, they will be given a shot to protect them against hepatitis B.

Care For Premature Babies

If your child was born premature, they will receive a longer period of newborn hospital care in Summerville, SC. This is to ensure they’re breathing well, have a good heart rate, and a normal temperature. The staff will also monitor the baby to ensure they’re feeding well and gaining weight. Once the baby shows signs of good health, they will be able to go home.

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