Why Your Horseheads NY Dentist Wants You to Floss

Think you can skip flossing without consequences? Here are four important reasons why your dentist in Horseheads, NY, wants you to floss.

#1. It Can Take Care of Plaque

There are essentially 5 surfaces to every tooth, and if we neglect to floss that’s two sides missed. That’s 40% of our entire tooth. When plaque starts to build up it can lead to tooth decay, swollen gums, cavities or gum disease, which can be easily prevented by flossing.

#2. You can Prevent Gingivitis

An early stage of gum disease, those with gingivitis will notice their gums are swollen and will bleed easily. If you have healthy gums then you should be seeing no bleeding when you brush your teeth or when you floss. Flossing regularly can help to prevent this.

#3. It’s Low Cost, Easy, and Super Efficient

Flossing isn’t at all expensive. And it’s a whole lot less expensive than corrective surgery should things get to their worst and serious tooth decay sets in. All in all, flossing helps to promote a healthy mouth, and helps to keep gum tissues healthy. Your dentist in Horseheads, NY, will easily be able to tell if you have or haven’t been flossing.

#4. It Will Improve Your Smile

To put it simply, flossing will help you to obtain a much greater, more confident smile, with whiter teeth and better breath, too. This can have a great effect on mental health and your overall health too, all by just spending a couple of extra minutes each day on something so simple as flossing

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