Why Your Child Needs Paediatric Dentistry in Vancouver WA

A beautiful smile starts with the very first tooth. It is important to introduce a child to dentistry at an early age – preferably by the time the first tooth makes an appearance. It makes future visits to the dentist much easier when a child has been used to going since infancy. Also, by finding a dentist early, the parent can be instructed in the ways to care for their child’s teeth and what to be on the lookout for in between check-ups. A paediatric dentist will show a new parent how to properly clean their little one’s teeth long before a toothbrush is needed.

When your child is ready for Paediatric Dentistry in Vancouver WA, select a dentist who has experience in dealing with children. Children, even when accustomed to going to the dentist, can become frightened when they have certain procedures done. Sometimes just sitting in the chair is frightening. Make sure your dentist has a tender touch when dealing with these little ones. No one should grow up being afraid of their doctor. A skilled paediatric dentist, like the one at Lewis Family Dentistry, will be knowledgeable about situations concerning young children. Thumb sucking and pacifier use are comforting habits of children that when go unchecked, can lead to expensive dental bills. A consultation will help set a plan in action that is best for you and your child.

As your child grows, you will want to consider dental sealants to help protect the teeth against cavities. Fluoride treatments are another preventative measure to discuss with your child’s dentist. In the event of cavities, a paediatric dentist will explain to you and your child exactly what must be done to protect the life of the tooth. Accidents frequent children during childhood. If your child should be involved in a sports or other accident that results in a loose or knocked out tooth, the Paediatric Dentistry in Vancouver WA can assist in the right treatment to save that precious smile. Above all, when seeking a paediatric dentist for your child, look for one not only with the proper credentials, but one who is child friendly and non-threatening. A beautiful smile depends on it. You can also visit them on Facebook.

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