Why You Should Get Your Bitcoin from an ATM in Miami

When you head to your local bank ATM, you likely put in your card, punch in your PIN, and then deposit or withdraw cash from your account. You don’t think about a lot of extra features or even think about the transaction much after it’s all said and done. That isn’t the case when you use a Bitcoin ATM in Miami. When you choose an ATM from RockItCoin, you have a provider who cares about you and is looking to make your transactions go smoothly and quickly.

Get a Bitcoin Wallet

Every one of the Bitcoin ATMs by RockItCoin in Miami offers the option to acquire an ATM-compatible digital wallet. This is what will hold your cryptocurrency, whether it’s Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, or Ethereum. While you can choose another digital wallet or go with a paper wallet, this digital wallet is easy to install and use. It also comes entirely free, so you don’t have to worry about any extra charges.

Over-the-Counter Services

In addition to ATM services and digital wallets, RockItCoin also offers special help for those making large transactions. If you are making a transaction of $10,000 or more, you can work with a specialist who will guide you through the entire transaction. This can give you extra peace of mind that nothing will go wrong, and your transaction will be secure from start to finish.

Buy and Sell at ATMs

While there are plenty of other ATMs available from other companies, one thing truly sets RockItCoin apart. That is the fact that not only can you buy Bitcoin and Litecoin from the ATMs, but many of them also allow you to sell your cryptocurrency, as well. However, make sure you check the location you are visiting first to be sure that selling is allowed.

Support Documentation

If you want to learn more about Bitcoin, the ATMs in Miami, or cryptocurrency in general, you can also find extensive documentation and support through RockItCoin. An extensive FAQ section is available that is perfect for both those new to cryptocurrency and those who are already well-seasoned with Bitcoin.

At RockItCoin, we work to make Bitcoin transactions simple and quick. You can learn more about us and the services we provide, ask questions, or find locations of ATMs in Florida by visiting www.RockItCoin.com.

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