Why You Need Wisdom Teeth Removal in Indianapolis IN

Dental extractions are a common procedure performed by a dentist. For most dental extractions, the tooth is either damaged or decayed so much that it is impossible to repair the tooth. The extraction prevents the tooth from causing issues to the remaining teeth and allows a replacement tooth or bridge to be placed. However, wisdom teeth removal in Indianapolis IN is not a normal extraction.

What are Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth are a third set of molars. These teeth commonly come in when an adult reaches about 20 years old. Since they are the last set of teeth to come in, they are associated with becoming an adult. Many people believe that as you age, you gain wisdom in life. This is how this set of molars came to be known as wisdom teeth. Unfortunately, many people have issues with these newly erupted teeth.

Problems with Wisdom Teeth

Some people do not have a large enough jaw to accommodate the wisdom teeth. This can cause them to push on other teeth and cause damage. Wisdom teeth can also be aligned improperly or have gaps between them and the other molars. For some people, wisdom teeth can erupt in odd directions or not at all. Any of these problems can pose serious risks to the overall health of the mouth, jaw, and gum. It can promote cysts, cavities, and even gum damage if not corrected.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

If the dentist feels that these teeth are causing problems or will cause problems in the future, the dentist may recommend having wisdom teeth removal in Indianapolis IN. This procedure is relatively simple, unless the tooth is impacted. If the tooth or teeth are impacted, a surgical approach may be necessary to fully remove the tooth. For a surgical procedure, sedation may be necessary to remove the tooth completely from the jaw bone.

For some people, wisdom teeth never grow in, or they grow in without an issue. However, for those with little room or other issues with the new teeth, having them removed may be necessary. This process is very different that other extractions since healthy teeth are being removed. In addition, replacement teeth are not necessary for wisdom teeth extractions. Contact us for more information about this procedure.

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