Why Using a Commercial Plumbing Contractor is Important for Your Business

by | Oct 18, 2019 | plumbing

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People often assume that a plumber who specializes in residential properties can easily work in a commercial setting, too. While many plumbers have the competency to work in residential and commercial settings, there are differences between the two types of plumbing.

Commercial plumbing systems often involve a much more intricate plumbing design and numerous installations of toilets, sinks, and water heating machinery. Factories and restaurants may also need boiler and water storage units installed. If you’re opening a business that utilizes a lot of water, it’s best to find a commercial Plumbing Contractor in Kern County to complete the project.

Commercial Bathroom Installation

If you have a plumber in the family whose work consists of basic repairs and emergency services, you may need to hire outside the family and work with a commercial plumber. Most residential toilet systems are mounted through the floor. Business toilets are often wall mounted and usually require at least two to three toilets, if not more. A commercial plumbing contractor in Kern County will be familiar with wall mounted toilets, such as men’s urinals, and the more complex plumbing systems that allow multiple toilets to flush at the same time.

Sinks in commercial bathroom are often different than residential sinks. Sensor sinks are popular so that people don’t have to touch the faucet handle after leaving the restroom, and it requires specialized knowledge to install these types of faucets correctly. The materials used are often larger and more complex than residential plumbing materials.

Commercial Plumbers Have a Different Skill Set

A commercial plumber is no better than a residential plumber; he or she will just have a different skill set. Everyone knows that when you focus on one particular area of a job you become more proficient and faster at performing the job tasks. The same is true for a plumbing contractor. Kern County plumbers who specialize in Commercial Plumbing installations and repairs are more efficient at working with larger equipment and complex systems than a residential plumber.

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