Why There Is a Demand for Solar Screens in Houston, TX

House hunters who buy property in Houston because of its mild climate often find that the warm weather also has a downside. Constant sunshine pouring into windows can increase energy use and fade or damage belongings. Fortunately, professionals who provide and install solar screens in Houston TX can provide solutions. These window and glass experts offer screening in a variety of designer colors as well as custom installation.

Screens Can Add Curb Appeal

Although Solar Screens in Houston TX look very much like standard screening, they are made of special mesh that soaks up light. Window contractors can install them over regular screens or as replacements for standard screening. There are permanent and removal versions. Contractors offer a range of products in colors that include tan, white and black. Frameless styles are especially stylish and produce a clean, elegant look that improves curb appeal.

Solar Screens Offer a Range of Protections

Customers who want to increase home comfort and protect furnishings often visit website domain to order solar screens. Homeowners can generally choose from products that protect against 80% or 90% of damaging UV (ultraviolet) rays. That is important because the sun’s rays include radiation that will fade furniture, carpeting and even artwork. Unprotected exposure to UV rays can also be a health hazard. Some clients add the screens in order to add privacy and security, since it can be hard to see through screens and into rooms.

Installing Screens Helps Lower Energy Costs

Solar screens are also energy efficient and can help customers save money year round. During the summer screens reduce heat transfer, which means that air conditioning systems do not need to work as hard to cool homes. Products that provide 90% protection are the most efficient. Although some homeowners choose removable exterior screens that can be taken down in the winter, many keep screening up year round in order to minimize wind chill. Screens also make durable bug shields when windows are open during spring and fall weather.

Home solar screens are becoming very popular because they prevent sun damage, add privacy and help lower energy costs. Since screens are available in a range of colors and styles, they can also add interest and curb appeal to homes.

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