Why Teeth Implants Apple Valley MN Are the Front-Runner for Restoration Options

If you have missing teeth due to injury or decay, you have more than one option available to you to help you restore your smile. While dentures, veneers, and other forms of cosmetic dentistry can be helpful, many people choose to have dental implants put in as a solution to their oral health problems. For those who aren’t sure if dental implants are the way to go, here are four reasons why they are one of the most popular choices for replacing missing teeth:

1. When you lose teeth, your remaining teeth can shift in order to fill in the gaps that have been created. This not only creates unhealthy conditions in your mouth as it becomes more difficult to reach plaque and debris between crooked teeth, but it can also cause the shape of your face to change. Getting dental implants can prevent this from happening and preserve your outward appearance.

2. If you fail to replace your missing teeth in a timely manner, your jawbone will begin to deteriorate in those areas due to under-use. It’s important to realize that dental implants are the only solution that will help you prevent the bone loss from happening since the procedure requires your dentist to stimulate natural bone growth in order to anchor the replacement teeth.

3. Dental implants are one of the most natural solutions you can choose for replacing missing teeth. While dentures work for some, they can also slip out during your day to day activities and impede your natural speech. With implants, your life can be more enjoyable and carefree since your replacement teeth will feel real.

4. Some of the other options you have for improving your smile will have a negative impact on some or all of your healthy teeth. For example, dentures require your dentist to remove all of your teeth, while bridges require that nearby teeth are ground down before they can be placed. Dental implants are secured to the bone in place of the missing tooth and don’t require modifications to your other teeth.

Teeth implants Apple Valley, MN are a viable long-term solution for those who have experienced the negative effects of missing teeth. If you’d like to enjoy a brighter smile with dental implants, consider contacting Dakota Dental and Implant Center. Visit Website to find out how you can work with a caring professional to get your smile and your confidence back.