Why Synthetic Decking Boards is the Smart Choice!

More and more people nowadays are expressing their concerns about environmental protection. And this noble thought has extended over to the use of eco-friendly materials for home improvement. But what timber alternative products can you utilise without sacrificing the quality, value and aesthetic artistry that may very well be the centerpiece of your home?

Synthetic decking boards are a cost effective and low maintenance timber alternative option. Synthetic decking boards are produced from wood flour (sawdust), recycled plastic HDPE (industrial waste) and rice husks. Combined with colour pigments, UV inhibitors and anti-fungal solutions for a classic finish, composite decking literally puts your mind at ease.

What’s more? How does being resistant to termites and white ants, slip resistant, and low water absorption that do not cause warping, twisting, cupping, splitting or produce splinters sound? Best of all, these synthetic decking boards are pre-coloured and can be quickly installed with concealed fix deck clips that comes with it.

Imagine finishing those home improvement projects in just a matter of hours with the DIY (Do-It-Yourself) installation without the use of hammers, electric saws, electric drills and other heavy machinery? You are also not obliged to hire expensive contractors just to put all of the decking boards together! Isn’t that great?

With 5 designer colours to choose from: Chocolate, Mahogany, Saltbush, Slate Grey and Walnut; composite decking boards also offers a 10 year warranty against rotting and attacks from termites or white ants.

Say goodbye to the hassles brought about by conventional rainforest timber products and switch to the most cost effective and low maintenance alternative composite decking today! There are many websites that you can visit so that you can be guided accordingly with their technical specifications for a more detailed presentation of its designs and comparative characteristics.

Remember, creating the perfect masterpiece in making an exquisite home need not incur high cost and extreme maintenance. There is always that economically sound and environmentally safe solution presented by synthetic decking boards to bank on. Make your move today!

Whether your aim is to help save the environment by using synthetic decking boards or find a cost effective alternative to hard to maintain timber products, Futurewood offers a wide range of choices that will satisfy your fencing, decking and cladding needs.

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