Why Spray-Foam Installation Leads To Savings On Pennsylvania Energy Bills

Spray foam insulation is a highly energy-efficient modern method of insulating a structure, and hiring a professional team to provide spray-foam insulation services for you will lead to big savings on your energy bills down the line compared to having insulation installed by traditional methods.


With traditional methods of installing insulation, up to 40% of the energy circulating through an HVAC system can be lost to gaps, crevices and holes, and spray-foam insulation covers these. It expands after being sprayed to form air-tight seals that keeps controlled temperature from escaping.

When applied to a roof, spray-foam insulation cuts down the accumulated moisture that leads to mold and mildew, and it acts as a sound barrier as well. It creates a strong bond and protects the roof against heavy winds and other elements.

In all spray-foam insulation in Pennsylvania, there are special polymers that provide no food for bacteria to grow on, and this leads to fewer, if any, problems with rot down the line. When spray-foam insulation is applied to interior walls, it creates a barrier and makes the entire structure more sound.

When used in attics and crawlspaces, spray-foam insulation seals up cracks that let in air you don’t want in and let out air you do want. In short, it works virtually anywhere traditional insulation works. When you are ready for spray foam insulation in Pennsylvania, contact the friendly and experienced professionals at Lantz Insulation.

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