Why Should You Get Legal Representation for Visitation Issues in Dallas?

by | Oct 28, 2013 | Attorney

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In some cases of child custody and visitation issues the parents are able to work out a satisfactory agreement, allowing both parties to work together in raising their children. Unfortunately, some visitation issues cannot be settled, so the courts must decide on the schedule. When this happens, it is best to get a lawyer working on your side to represent you. This allows you to gain information on the laws in Dallas so you can know what your rights are and how your case can proceed.

There are different types of visitation schedules a judge may decide on. One of the most common of these types is the fixed visitation schedule. This type of schedule is often used when the relationship between the two parents is a hostile one and communication needs to be limited. This is also one of the best schedule options for the children because it stipulates a continuous schedule for the non-custodial parent to receive certain days and hours of visitation in Dallas. This gives stability to the child’s schedule and can be beneficial to all parties involved.

If you are fighting for your right to see your children, it can be beneficial to have a lawyer on your side. The lawyer will try to first mediate with the other parent, to see if an agreement can be made. This process will be carried out through the overseeing of a third party mediator. If both parties cannot agree to a schedule for visitation, a court date will be scheduled and both sides will present information so the judge can make the final ruling on the visitation schedule.

While every case has its own challenges, your lawyer will work to get you the visitation you deserve as a parent. As long as you do not have any issues, such as abuse charges or drug and alcohol problems, you have the right to see your children, unsupervised by the court. If you have any issues the court might feel are dangerous to your children, you may be required to have a court-ordered supervised visitation schedule. This means a third party will oversee your visitation.

If you are fighting for your Visitation Dallas rights, contact the law offices of Jean C. Lee. She will be glad to assist you with your case, giving you the help you need.

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