Why Rent a Car for Your Trip to Costa Rica?

When you’re visiting the beautiful country of Costa Rica, renting a car is probably the last thing on your mind. With all the breathtaking landscapes you want to visit and culture you want to experience, you probably haven’t prioritized car rental in your planning. However, making an appointment to rent a car in San Jose will open up endless possibilities to you.

Decide Your Own Schedule

Having total control over your trip is a benefit of renting a car during any travel experience, and Costa Rica is no different. Having a car for the duration of your trip will allow you to get out of the city more on your own time. This way you are not subjected to bus or shuttle schedules, and you can change your plans as many times as you want.

Make Stops Whenever You Want To

There’s nothing worse than watching an incredible opportunity pass through the window as you drive right by it in a bus. With a rental car, you can stop at whatever looks interesting. Is there a farmer’s market that you didn’t know was there but want to explore? Are there detours for scenic overlooks or maybe a waterfall that you’d like to get a better view of? With a rental car, you can stop and get out, and really get involved in your journey rather than watching it through a window.

Have Your Own Space

If you’re hauling your whole bag, including bug spray, sunscreen, water, a book; all the travel necessities, with you wherever you go, it can get cumbersome. Especially if you are taking buses and it spends all of its time on your lap, your stuff is going to get annoying fast. With a car, you also have a storage space. Did you buy some great ingredients at the farmer’s market but don’t want to lug them with you through the rest of your journey? Store them under the seat of your car where they are in shade and hidden.

Renting a car from San Jose is not for everyone, but if you want to have mobility and the opportunity to get out of the city, it’s probably your best option. There are many affordable car rental services that can provide you with the transportation you need.

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