Why Patients Should Utilize The Intriguing Lab Band Procedure

by | Mar 13, 2012 | Health Care

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The lap band refers to a silicon band that the surgeon places around the stomach of patients who would like to reduce weight loss. After placing it around someone’s stomach, the band forms a stomach pouch that limits the amount of food that a patient takes so as to enable them shed off excess weight. The lap band is not a malabsorbtive device but rather a restrictive one. This means after tying it, there is still room for either adjustment or even removal.

The laparoscopic procedure helps in placing the band, on an outpatient basis. This ensures patients go home on the same day as the surgical procedure. Moreover, patients who undergo this procedure take the shortest time possible to recover. This allows them to resume their daily duties and routine within a period of four or five days. Research shows that lap band is the least invasive form of weight loss surgery. This is because of the minimal complication rate it has, in comparison to other bariatric surgery alternatives.

There are certain advantages that a patient stands to get after utilizing this surgical procedure. They include:

* It is accurate: the surgeon uses a camera and other instruments to enable him access and view the tissues and blood vessels with utmost accuracy. This enables him to conduct the procedure in an effective and precise manner.
* It takes a short duration: the operation normally takes an average of one hour. This is different from other surgical procedures that might take longer than this.
* Reduced complications: this surgical procedure has fewer complications such that there is minimal loss of blood, less pain, the patient can breathe with ease, there are slim chances of scars forming and the patient can recover faster.
* Shortest recovery time: compared to other surgical processes, this procedure allows patients to heal within the shortest time possible. Patients usually depart from the health care facilities in less than 8-10 hours. Besides, they can embark on their daily activities within 2-3 days. However, it might take them about 2 to 3 weeks to resume all their normal business.

After the  lap band procedure, it is advised that patients get used to liquid foods, as directed by the surgeon. They may then resort to solid foods later. Patients may feel hungry at first when they start using liquid foods, but with time, nevertheless, they may remain satiated for long hours after their meals. Taking solid foods may even make them stay for long before feeling hungry. This ensures they do not eat excessively hence enabling them to lose excessive weight. Patients who still hungry most of the time, after the operation may be required to go so that they have the band tightened.

There is sufficient information on the patient’s qualification for this surgical lap band procedure. For this and more details on the subject, one can check it out from Texasgastricbanding.com

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