Why More Companies Utilize A System For Access Control In Bowling Green, KY

One of the primary concerns for most business owners is ensuring the overall security of their facilities, and while alarm systems are excellent for after-hours issues, they do not always protect from problems arising with employees. Rather than relying on a standard key locking system, more and more companies are choosing to utilize Access Control in Bowling Green, KY. The following is a quick look at the benefits of using an automated entry system and why it is becoming a go-to choose for companies of all sizes.

Track Activity

When standard keys are used, it is impossible to determine who is coming and going, as there is no way to identify who opened or closed a door at a specific time. Access systems utilize a barcode scanner or RFID chip, which registers the exact time an entry is accessed and logs the identity of the person who entered the facilities. This allows a company to track the whereabouts of employees, which is helpful when researching incidents of theft or property damage.

Departmental Security

One of the benefits of access control in Bowling Green, KY is that the various sections of a building may be coded differently and restrict access to only those personnel who are authorized. In addition to preventing unnecessary interruptions, it also provides additional security and aids in the protection of sensitive information. Most access points are fully customizable, and granting or removing access is a simple process.

Reduce Expenses

When an employee is terminated, most companies require them to turn in any company property, including keys, as soon as possible. Despite this requirement, there are times when the keys are not retrieved, which creates a substantial safety issue. An access system prevents the need for replacing locks or tracking down keys, as any access cards may be deactivated with the click of a button.

Installing an access system is a great way to increase the security protocols of a company. The team at Sonitrol offers a complete array of security solutions and will design a custom electronic access system for any size company. Contact us today to learn more and take the first step in making any company safer and more secure. Visit online http://www.sonitrolky.com/ today.

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