Why More Business Owners Utilize Commercial Shredding Companies In Los Angeles For Document Destruction

One of the most prominent concerns for business owners is making sure that they abide by any federal regulations regarding the disposal of confidential information. Just tossing the items in the trash isn’t good enough, but Commercial Shredding Companies in Los Angeles solve the dilemma by providing a convenient way to destroy any documents that may contain sensitive information. Here is a quick look at the benefits of using a professional shredding service, and how it prevents future worries.

On-Site Service

Some companies provide shredding services but require drop off of the items that need to be destroyed. Having to transport sensitive information is not only inconvenient but presents another opportunity for the documents to end up in the wrong hands. A shredding company will arrive on-site and empty any confidential bins without the worry or frustration associated with transporting the items to a non-mobile service.

Certificate of Destruction

If there is a suspicion that a company may have leaked sensitive documents, it is integral to prove that any items were destroyed appropriately. Commercial Shredding Companies in Los Angeles provide customers with a certificate of destruction, which lists the date and time of the service, as well as the containers that were emptied and their approximate weight. A certificate of destruction proves that items were disposed of correctly and through the use of a licensed service provider.

Liability Concerns

Handling sensitive information is a major liability for a company, and if it gets into the hands of an aggrieved employee, it may end up in criminal or civil charges that come with huge fines. A scandal revolving around a data breach may end up costing a company thousands of dollars and shed a negative light on the organization. Avoid these issues by letting a professional handle the destruction of any information that may be used against a business in the future.

Utilizing a professional shredding service is not only economical but provides peace of mind. Go Shred Confidential offers on-site services for any size business and streamlines the process of keeping confidential information safe.

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