Why Go for Laparoscopic Gastric Band Surgery?

There are handful of surgical weight loss procedures. The procedures are predominantly malabsorptive, predominantly restrictive, or mixed procedures. One of the most popular predominantly restrictive weight loss surgical procedures is the laparoscopic gastric band surgery. The surgical procedure involves the placing of an adjustable band around the stomach (upper part) to create a pouch. When the pouch gets full, your body tells the brain that you are full. There are several reasons why you should go for this surgical procedure.

One of the greatest benefits of laparoscopic gastric band surgery is that fact that the BioEnterics® LAP-BAND Adjustable Gastric Banding System has been approved by the FDA since 2001. The system was however introduced in 1993. This means that there is the necessary expertise, experience, equipment, and supplies to ensure that the procedure is done safely.

This procedure is advantageous in that it is minimally invasive. The term ‘laparoscopic’ means that a small incision is cut and a long instrument used to implant the inflatable silicone band. This means you will recover quicker (the surgery will not interfere with your work/business or social life) and you will get minimal scarring. You also get reduced post-op pains and shorter hospital stays (you will only need to stay in hospital for 2 or 3 days).

The reduced stomach makes you feel full much quicker and it suppresses your appetite. It also slows down your metabolism. The 3 factors have the effect of leading to quick weight reduction. The weight reduction is indeed quicker than what you would get with dieting or exercising.

The gastric band is adjustable. This is done through an access port just below the skin, which can be adjusted through a needle. The fact that you will be able to modify the size of the band through the addition of a saline solution means greater flexibility.

Laparoscopic gastric band surgery is one of the safest weight loss surgical procedures. The procedure is recommended for morbidly obese people (people with a BMI of over 40). The fact that the stomach will not be altered in any way means there will be no malnutrition, which leads to such conditions as anemia and dumping syndrome.

This is also the safest option for people with a BMI of 35 or more, but who have serious medical conditions that make other weight loss surgical procedures unfeasible. Examples are people with type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, sleep apnea, and high blood pressure.

You should go for laparoscopic gastric band surgery because the band can be removed when your weight is no longer a problem. Another advantage of the surgery is the fact that the reduced stomach size means you will spend more on food. Morbidly obese people spend a lot of money on food.

Laparoscopic Gastric Band Surgery  –  Laparoscopic gastric band surgery is a popular weight-loss surgical procedure. Understanding the advantages of the procedure should persuade you to consider it over other weight-loss surgical procedures.