Why Do You Need A Domestic Violence Attorney?

by | Jun 6, 2011 | Legal Advice

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Domestic violence is also known by other names, like, domestic abuse, family violence, spousal abuse and Intimate Partner Violence (IPD). Domestic violence is a broad category that defines a kind of abusive actions by either partners in an intimate relationship, like, marriage, family, friends, cohabitation and dating.

Domestic violence can be of several forms of physical aggression, i.e., hitting, kicking, restraining, throwing objects, slapping, etc., threats, like, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, intimidation, domineering/controlling, etc., and financial deprivation. Perception and definition of domestic violence differs from one country to the other, from time to time. All of them are against the law and involves legal actions. There rises the need for a competent domestic violence attorney. He is a legal representative who can fight for the rights of an individual who is a victim of domestic violence. He knows the legal involvements in such cases.

Let us take a look at the different types of domestic violence cases.

Physical Domestic violence that involves hurting or injuring any bodily part, or causing physical suffering of any kind is called physical abuse. This category includes slapping, choking, hitting, pushing, etc. It also includes denial of medical attention when needed, deprivation of a sleep and other similar bodily functionalities that are necessary to survive. Forcing an individual to consume drugs or alcohol is also an illegal act that falls under physical abuse.

Sexual – Forcing any individual to take part in any kind of sexual activity is known as sexual abuse. Even if it is a spouse or an intimate partner who forces an individual to participate in sex, is considered to be an act of violence.

Emotional – Any act that leads to humiliation of a person in public or private, trying to control how an individual does, deliberate attempt of trying to make a person feel embarrassed or blackmailing a person fall under the act of emotional abuse. Acts of trying to isolate a person from his/her relatives and friends also fall under this category.

Verbal – Any act of abuse that involves an act of offensive behavior through use of harsh words. It is a kind of sacrilege that can happen with or without the use of expletives. The wrong-doer here may ignore, disrespect or criticize another person constantly.

All these cases need legal action and only a professional domestic violence attorney (Brighton) can be helpful in this regard. A thorough research of the legal background is recommended before hiring an attorney.



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